Sohini De Future Health Summit

Sohini De

Founder of Empeal

Sohini De is the founder of Empeal, which is a multi award-winning digital health company providing data driven, clinician led health and wellbeing solutions in a gamified way. Empeal is your AI driven 24/7 health coach, focused on prevention and management of chronic conditions. Sohini set up the company 3.5 years ago after 22 successful years working in global equity investments specializing in sustainable and environmental equities including investing in health & wellbeing. Sohini also studied nutritional therapy based on lifestyle medicine for 4yrs. As a result, she is able to combine her health and business acumen to identify problems and provide effective solutions.

Sohini is a true believer in innovative solutions and this is a significant reason why Empeal was founded. Today, Empeal is an Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start Up operating internationally, with a long-term mission of transforming and optimising health and wellbeing in the community. On top of this Sohini is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. Her work in Dublin Chamber’s policy council, their budget and competitiveness task force and as a director of NTOI, focuses on development of these businesses with the aim to help Ireland become centre stage of innovation and remain competitive in global markets.