Ogie Sheehy Future Health Summit

Ogie Sheehy

Founder and CEO of European Business at ViClarity

ViClarity provide audit, risk and compliance solutions to Healthcare and Financial organisations across Ireland, UK, US and Canada.

Ogie graduated with a primary Degree in Applied Physics and Electronics and embarked on a multinational career spanning over 15 years in companies such as HP, IBM and Dell. In 2008 Ogie resigned from corporate life as Director of IT at Dell and set up ViClarity.

Ogie has led ViClarity for over fourteen years and under his guidance the company has successfully implemented quality management solutions across
Care Homes, Homecare Organisations, Private Hospitals and Public Hospitals. Headquartered out of Kerry, Ireland, ViClarity has grown substantially in recent years, operating globally with a team of 50+ individuals across their Irish office and their offices in Des Moines Iowa.

Ogie has a keen interest in helping organisations move away from time consuming paper and spreadsheet based quality management processes on to the innovative ViClarity platform that provides clients with real time quality management data across their organisations.