Jennifer Hofmeijer Founder Polder Residence Netherlands

Jennifer Hofmeijer

Founder, Polder Residence, Netherlands

Jennifer Hofmeijer is the founder and CEO of the unique Polder Residence complex for vulnerable elderly people in the Netherlands, where laughter, respect and enjoyment are the key words of each day.
Jennifer Hofmeijer has been a nurse since she was 17 years old. She first spent a lot of time in the emergency department (ICU, CCU, ER and ambulance), but soon saw that her heart was in care for the elderly. Aware of the aging population in the Netherlands and the increasing group of dementia sufferers in the Netherlands, Jennifer wanted to do something for this cohort differently. The answer; she developed the Polder Residence, a small-scale setup of a residential care institution for 22 vulnerable elderly people in the north of the Netherlands. This disease cannot be cured, but with the knowledge that we have now, we can offer these people a happy day. 
The vision of Polder Residence is different from regular work. They make sure that every day is a party, not concentrating on what people cannot do, but on what is possible, carefree, and surrounded with care.
Polder Residence has now become famous, within and outside of the Netherlands, specializing in the care of elderly people with dementia and allowing them to age with dignity. Jennifer is seen in the industry as a revolutionary healthcare entrepreneur and is expanding her unique vision throughout the Netherlands