Daren Cawley Motivational Speaker, specialising in the Pharma/Medtech sector

Darren Cawley

Motivational Speaker, specialising in the Pharma/Medtech sector

Ingenuity, creativity, and future outlook top the bill when it comes to discussing the health industry. But what about the people on the ground creating solutions, and making global health a reality?
The Covid crisis has added greatly to the already immense pressure and stress upon the tens of thousands of employees in pharma and healthcare. This is a challenging detail for an industry whose purpose is to ease the pain and suffering of others!
Therefore, what can be done?

Darren Cawley has been a speaker within the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Medtech industry for over 15 years. He strongly believes that if we can humanise the products, and foster a sense of purpose in staff, the benefits will greatly enhance the personal fulfilment, productivity and safety of both staff and product.
Darren has an MA in Health Promotion and a BA in Sports and Fitness. Couple this with over 1,700 in-hospital dialysis sessions and two transplants, a highly impactful presentation is assured.
He believes staff should be inspired to feel and think like HEROs in the patient journey, rather than a cog in the corporate machine!
Darren will share his stories and insights offering you an insider view of healthcare. He strives to create positive change within the industry, especially for the people who are making it happen!

Ph: +353-87-6210695