Kalevi Virta

Kalevi Virta

CEO eWELL Oy & Coordinator at Centre for Health and Technology, Oulu, Finland

Kalevi Virta has been operating as consultant and development programme coordinator on wellbeing and healthcare sector since year 1998. Present tasks are expert and advisory duties for private companies, for Tekes and he is also acting as consultant for Oulu Wellness Institute.

Kalevi Virta was operating as the full time Programme manager for the technology programme FinnWell for period of five years, from May 2004 to April 2009. The programme was funded by Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

FinnWell was one of the most extensive technology programmes, the total value of the programme was €170 million including almost 300 industry, public and research projects. The objective of the five-year programme was to improve the quality and profitability of healthcare, and to promote business activities and international cooperation in the health industry cluster.

Operating as programme coordinator Kalevi Virta was responsible for coordinating the programme operations, activation of the health care business sector and operating as coordinator for the new networks generated to reach the programme objectives.

From April 2000 to March 2004 operating as the full time Programme Manager for the iWELL Wellbeing and Health healthcare technology programme, Tekes.


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