Dr Kimberly Fitzgerald

Dr Kimberly Fitzgerald

Consulting Psychologist

Dr Kimberly is  a wellness and health initiatives specialist. She works as a psychologist, counsellor/psychotherapist, coach, trainer and researcher. She is  originally from Austin, Texas and has worked in the US, Germany and Ireland as a mental wellness professional. Her  PhD research in psychology focused on occupational health and women’s issues. Her exploratory sequential mixed methods study supports a biopsychosocial approach for treatment interventions and the importance of increasing person-centred communication with health professionals. As a result of her  research, she has  developed a new communication tool for women’s health which will assist in an exploration of symptoms to increase communication with health professionals. She is particularly interested in gender issues relating to differences between men and women and how they experience debilitating health conditions, which includes the areas of gender-specific medicine, social psychology, rehabilitation psychology, and occupational health psychology. She is a member of numerous professional organisations, and has served on many committees in her dedication to the fields of counselling and employee assistance. She specialises in employee assistance and wellness programmes, women’s health, vocational rehabilitation, return to work coordination, consultancy for employee concerns, disability management, job analysis, adjustment, expatriate issues, mediation, and case management.

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