Alaidh and Deirdre

Alaidh and Deirdre

BT Young Scientists

We are two third year students from Coláiste Bhaile Chláir. We created a project entitled ‘The Hox Project: Using RFID technology to advance medicine’ and entered it into the BT Young Scientist and Technologist Exhibition in 2017.

Our aim with the project was to develop RFID technology with application in the medical device sector. We made two devices, The Chatterbox Companion and The Hox Band/Card.

It is made up of a Raspberry pi, Python code and a RFID scanner. It scans RFID tags on various products such as medicines and reads them out using computer generated speech. We decided to do this project as there is often no braille on medicines. The main aim for our device is to give people who suffer with sight loss or the elderly whose sight might be diminishing more independence and in turn more confidence paying particular attention to taking medication.

The second device that we have created is called the Hox band/card this is a wristband or card which will hold your medical information such as: Allergies and current medication etc.

Our aim for this product is to cut admission time in hospitals. It is often reported in the media that there is an excessive number of patients in A & E. Through our research, we found out that medical professionals often spend needless time searching for critical patient information. A lot of patients, do not know their current medications meaning the medical professionals on hand have to search for their information before treating them.

We won the First in Technology Intermediate Group and won the Health Product Regularity Authority award.


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