2024 Schedule

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2023  Schedule

The Future of Healthcare Ecosystems

Day 1: Wednesday, May 24th

Care of Elderly – Sponsored by Mowlam Healthcare

One of the greatest achievements of mankind over the past 100 years is that average life expectancy in the developed world has increased by several decades. This is to be celebrated, but it carries with it the challenge of making those extra years as healthy and disability- free as possible for all.

In this session we look at a variety of ways in which this challenge is being met.

Leadership – Sponsored by RCSI

With health service reform top of the agenda in Ireland and in many other health systems internationally, this session looks at the leadership challenges associated with organisational transformation.

Partnership in action – Sponsored by Bon Secours Health System

As demand increases, the health service is constantly being challenged to do more with less. Productivity gains allow providers to increase volume, and must be pursued. However that will never be enough. Providers are increasingly being challenged to achieve efficiency gains, where the focus is on the outcomes achieved with limited resources, not just the volume of activity delivered with those resources.

In this session we examine ways in which productivity and efficiency gains are being achieved.

Governance –  Sponsored by Mason, Hayes & Curran

The proposed establishment of 6 Regional Health Areas as part of Sláintecare brings into focus the question of governance of our health and social care system. In this session we explore best practice and debate how this might be applied in an Irish context.

Day 2 – Thursday May 25th 2023

 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Digitally Enabled Change – Sponsored by Smith & Nephew

Until recently, digital transformation was widely seen as something that health systems would need to get around to eventually, but not until some of the more immediate challenges were addressed.  Accelerated by Covid, it is now widely understood that digitisation and AI must be wholeheartedly embraced if some of the immediate challenges are ever going to be addressed.

In this session we take a look at some of the advances that are being made.

Innovation Award 2023

Sustainability – Sponsored by Blackrock Health

It is widely accepted that we must increase our focus on improving public health and delivering care, while preserving natural resources and reducing environmental impact. This poses a very significant challenge.  In this session we will hear of different ways in which that challenge is being addressed.

Innovation – Sponsored by Novartis

Healthcare innovation comes in many forms, from breakthrough drugs and devices that can change outcomes on a global level, to small changes in specific settings that improve productivity, efficiency and patient experience. In this session we learn about different innovations that are driving change for the better.

Closing remarks