2024  Schedule

Global perspectives delivering for Irish Patients

Day 1: Wednesday, May 29th

Session 1: Governance – Sponsored by Mason, Hayes & Curran

We will hear from leading International and Irish experts on their experience in building, managing and evaluating high performing boards of governance for public and private healthcare organisations in Ireland and around the world.  In this session we explore latest international best practice and debate how the experiences and learning might be applied in an Irish context.

Session 2: Integrated Care – Sponsored by Mowlam Healthcare

Integrated Care aims to join up our health and social care services, to deliver patient care that is safe, timely, efficient and as close to home as possible. Integrated care improves quality and outcomes and puts the patient experience at the centre of everything we do.

This session will bring together leading Irish and international speakers working at adopting the latest innovative approaches and tools to support our patients and communities to live their best lives.

Session 3: Recruitment and Retention – Sponsorship available

The capacity of health systems to have the flexibility to scale to meet the changing demands of care strongly depends on the availability of a highly committed and motivated workforce with the right knowledge, skills and attitude.

In this session we will hear from International and Irish speakers behind the latest innovations in recruitment, education and retention of staff and the tools, educational platforms and retention strategies being used around the world.

Session 4: A Global Perspective: Insights and Opportunities in APAC Healthcare

This Session will feature global experts from Asia and Australia who are coming to Ireland for Future Health Summit

Day 2 – Thursday May 30th 2024

 Welcome and Keynote

Session 1: Digitally Enabled Change 

Digital transformation is helping providers create a more efficient, patient-centric healthcare system. By automating manual processes, eliminating paper records, and improving communication among providers, digital transformation can help reduce costs and improve quality of care.

In this session we take a look at some of the advances that are being made and explore real life examples of successful adoption of the technologies tools and approaches and the healthcare outcomes being delivered.

Session 2: The Hospital of the Future – Sponsored by Bon Secours Health System

The Hospital of the Future is beyond a building – it is integrated into the nation’s health system and can deliver clinical and economic outcomes far into the future.

As healthcare becomes increasingly digitalised, much of the care that is delivered in hospitals today will move into the home and the community

Session 3: Innovation Award 2024 sponsored by UPMC

Session 4: Innovation – Sponsored by Novartis

Healthcare innovation comes in many forms, from breakthrough drugs and devices that can change outcomes on a global level, to small changes in specific settings that improve productivity, efficiency and patient experience.

In this session we learn about different innovations that are driving change for the better

Closing Remarks