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This is our 6th  year running The Future Health Summit Innovator Award.

The Future Health Summit wishes to support, encourage and engage with Health Start-ups.

This is an unique opportunity to promote, educate and network at Ireland Largest Healthcare Conference.

The purpose of this annual award is to foster an awareness of the increasing importance of Health technologies and their application to improve healthcare quality and safety.

The objective of this annual session is to inform and progress a policy making bias toward innovation and start-up’s in thinking about reform of e-health.

For attendees its a chance to meet potential customers, healthcare executives and potential investors with which to partner.

The Hermitage have sponsored this event over the last 5 years and are committed to supporting Health Start-up’s,

Start up Innovation Award Winner for 2018 

ViCardio Limited 

After much debate and research the award was presented to Dr. David Pearce MB ChB for his innovative wearable .Below is a picture of the presentation of the award to Dr David by Eamonn Fitzgerald, CEO, Hermitage Medical Clinic.


ViCardio is a completely new, breakthrough, wearbale, beat to beat blood pressure sensor. It has an output similar to an intra-arterial line. It required no cuff or arterial compression, no biological calibration, and has ramifications for healthcare from ICU, Peri-operative medicine, through to primary care, ABPM and home monitoring of blood pressure.

Blood Pressure is perhaps the largest healthcare problem in the western world, and its measurement using Oscillometry is fraught with problems, including frequent calibration requirements, white coat hypertension caused by the dislike of the constrictive pressure cuff, accuracy and the fact that it only takes a single reading.


ViCardio uses a patented micro-motion, onto-electronic sensor that can measure blood pressure with each beat of the heart. We are nearing the end of clinical trials on ICU at the Barts Heart Centre, where we believe the technology will be validated against the gold standard, the intra-arterial line.


The Uses of this technology are of course extensive. To name a few:


  • The ability for an anaesthetist to measure continuous blood pressure during the course of every operative procedure, as opposed to occasional reading With a cuff, in a completely non invasive way.
  • The potential reduction in white coat hypertension in the hospital or primary care setting by using a discreet non compressive method of measuring BP and measuring it 30-50 times in a 30 second window.
  • Simpler ward based monitoring of BP without the requirement to disturb the patient, and with possible telemetry.
  • The more frequent monitoring of patients at home and at work by using a discreet, wearable device, which is recording beat to beat blood pressure and variation, which will also lead to a revolution in the analysis of beat to beat variation, which is considered to be and extremely important factor in the pathological consequences of hypertension, that has previously been impossible to measure in any extended studies in the community.

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