What is the Future Health Summit?

This internationally distinguished event is an Irish and International gathering of the brightest minds in the healthcare industry with an illustrious audience of over 600 high end (C-Suite) industry delegates attending. Featuring renowned speakers from Ireland, USA, UK, Europe, and further afar.

The Summit will bring together 50 health and associate industry Exhibitors to our new venue in Dublin to network and build business ties around the event. For 2024, we are returning to the Royal Dublin Convention Centre.

The Summit also features the annual “Innovation Award” where an international field is narrowed down to 8 finalists who pitch to the audience and judges to try take home the illustrious Innovation Award. The Future Health Summit is the global gathering for healthcare leaders and decision makers existing to showcase Innovation and best practice in healthcare.

The Future Health Summit 2024, Dublin, May 29th & 30th, make sure you are there!

Future Health Summit 2024 Themes

We will have 8 Themed Sessions at the 2024 Summit:

At Present we have 10 proposed Sessions as per below which will be then whittled down to 8 for the Summit


We will hear from leading International and Irish experts on their experience in building, managing and evaluating high performing boards of governance for public and private healthcare organisations in Ireland and around the world.  In this session we explore latest international best practice and debate how the experiences and learning might be applied in an Irish context.



With health service reform top of the agenda in Ireland and with many healthcare systems around the world going through a period of rapid transformation driven by consumer demand and expectation we explore challenges associated with leading large scale organisational transformation to successful outcomes.

Recruitment and Retention

The capacity of health systems to have the flexibility to scale to meet the changing demands of care strongly depends on the availability of a highly committed and motivated workforce with the right knowledge, skills and attitude.

In this session we will hear from International and Irish speakers behind the latest innovations in recruitment, education and retention of staff and the tools, educational platforms and retention strategies being used around the world.


Living to 100

With a silver tsunami on the horizon in wealthier nations with average life expectancy expected to be 100 by 2050 what does this mean for our patients communities and healthcare systems.

This session will bring together leading Irish and international speakers working at adopting the latest innovative approaches and tools to support our patients and communities to live their best lives.


Technology Driving Healthcare Efficiencies

With increasing consumer demand the health service is constantly being challenged to do more with less. Providers are increasingly being challenged to achieve efficiency gains, where the focus is on the outcomes achieved with limited resources and to use data and adopt the latest technologies and tools to drive these efficiencies.

In this session we examine ways in which productivity and efficiency gains are being achieved both in Ireland and internationally by the use of these approaches and tools through real life examples and case studies.



Healthcare innovation comes in many forms, from breakthrough drugs and devices that can change outcomes on a global level, to small changes in specific settings that improve productivity, efficiency and patient experience.

In this session we learn about different innovations that are driving change for the better.



In a rapidly changing global environment we must focus on improving public health and delivering care, while preserving precious natural resources and reducing our environmental impact and global footprint.

In this session we will hear from leading experts on different ways in which healthcare organisations at home and abroad are approaching these challenges and the solutions they are implementing.


Digitally Enabled Change

Accelerated by Covid digital disruption and innovation is now mainstream in our public and private healthcare system.

In this session we take a look at some of the advances that are being made and explore real life examples of successful adoption of the technologies tools and approaches and the healthcare outcomes being delivered.


NEW FOR 2024 – Healthcare Analytics and AI

Hear about the future of healthcare, from vision to practice, using state-of-the-art technologies in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

In this session we will hear how AI in healthcare supports diagnosis and treatment recommendations, patient engagement and adherence, and administrative activities


NEW FOR 2024 – Ireland: a Major Hub for Health-Tech

As home to the top companies in the health-tech sector in the world and also a burgeoning indigenous sector Ireland has created a unique eco-system for health-tech to thrive. This session will explore the opportunities in this sector and profile some of the recent Irish success stories and their impact in healthcare systems around the world.


NEW FOR 2024 – Future Health Summit Innovation Award 2024 Session

Session Sponsorship available

Companies participating in the award can engage with fellow trailblazers in the health technology field, as well as the numerous delegates and speakers attending the Summit.

This Session will showcase innovation, profile new start- Up Companies & Entrepreneurs operating in the Healthcare sector by fostering an awareness of the increasing importance of Health technologies/products and their application to improve healthcare quality and safety.

For shortlisted companies it’s a chance to meet get in front of an international audience of healthcare leaders and decision makers i.e. potential customers, healthcare executives and potential investors/partners.

The Future Health Summit 2024, Dublin, 2024 and May 29th and 30th, make sure you are there!






“This Conference is another one of Ireland’s global contributions. The Future Health Summit is required attendance for all who wish to engage in a stimulating interchange on the future of healthcare – globally and domestically. Combined with Irish hospitality, it’s an experience not to be missed. I look forward to being there.”

Michael Dowling, CEO Northwell Health


– To be announced, similar to 2023 –


2024 Schedule

– To be announced, similar to 2023  –

2023 schedule

Day 1 – Wednesday May 24th 2023

The Future of Healthcare Ecosystems