Ronan Byrne, Commercial Manager, Dualtron

The health and wellbeing of patients is of utmost importance, and should we have a family member or friend in hospital, we all want to know that they are being looked after.

We want to be assured that they are getting the right type of food that is healthy – especially if they have an underlying issue like diabetes. It’s great that in recent months, the HSE have developed initiatives for a stronger focus on nutrition in hospitals. But how can we be sure that these needs are being looked after in a capable manner?

Dualtron has developed an ordering system that can help with these concerns and improve efficiency for the caterer.

SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare is an app that allows catering staff to take patients orders at their bedside via an Android tablet. By eliminating the need for paper, waste is decreased and costs are reduced. Serval also improves efficiency, special requests can be added to meal orders at the time the order is being made, which is then communicated to the kitchen using cloud based technology.

The kitchen is provided with an accurate report of what meals need to be made, providing catering managers with a greater overview of production, reducing food waste and improving quality and stock control. It will also allow dieticians to monitor the patients nutrition from any connected device. Serval provides catering staff, doctors and dietitians with the means to make better informed decisions on behalf of the patient.

With Serval, a patient receives a better hospital experience. A patient is identified by surname or date of birth. Once identified, the app allows catering staff to see any dietary requirements or nutritional restrictions that the patient may have. For example, a patient may be a diabetic or on a vegan diet, dieticians can select food that meets these needs and will then be available for the patient to choose from. The app stores this information in the system for easy retrieval should the information be required again.

Serval keeps track of a patient’s location in the hospital, by Serval being integrated with the hospital’s Patient Management System. Which means that when a patient is moved, discharged or is undergoing a procedure, the catering staff will be able to see their status and act accordingly. Serval helps to eliminate meals being misdirected and being returned to the kitchen. As 49% of hospital food is never consumed, Serval help keeps food waste down, always a good thing in a more environmentally conscious world.

Dualtron will continue to work to ensure that every Doctor, Dietician and Catering Manager has the means to give patients a better hospital experience and giving family and friends peace of mind.

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