Dean Sullivan

Dean Sullivan

Deputy Director General – Strategy



Dean Sullivan joined the Health Service Executive in August 2017, taking up the role of Deputy Director General – Strategy. In this role Dean leads the HSE’s planning and reform process across the health and social care system.

Dean brings to the Deputy Director General – Strategy role a wealth of experience in strategic and operational planning and service delivery in health and social care. He has worked at a senior level for a number of years in different roles taking forward reform in the Northern Ireland health and social care system. In his previous role as Director of Commissioning in the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board, Dean personally oversaw a number of high profile regional service developments including the introduction of the new radiotherapy service in Derry.

Dean has 30 years’ experience in the public and private sectors. Dean, who trained as an accountant with the National Audit Office in London, previously worked as a senior civil servant for the Department of Health in Northern Ireland, overseeing the delivery of significant improvements in waiting times across a range of hospital and community services.

Prior to this, Dean worked as a Management Consultant with Price Waterhouse and PA Consulting Group. In PA Consulting Dean played a lead role in supporting the development by the independent Acute Hospitals Review Group of a comprehensive strategy to transform health and social care services in Northern Ireland.

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Day 1

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Time 11:20 Transformation in Health and Social Care

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