Dr. Clare Faul

clinical lead st luke’s ratiation oncology network beaumont hospital

Dr. Clare Faul

Clinical lead St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network- Beaumont Hospital

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SRS for Benign intracranial lesions: Cyberknife technology ?? advantage


Clinical Fellow Radiation Oncology

1/1/93-31/3/94                        Toronto Sunnybrook

Regional Cancer Center,

University of Toronto,            Ontario, Canada


Assistant Professor Radiation Oncology

1996-2000                   University of Pittsburgh,

Pennsylvania, USA

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,

Magee Women’s Hospital.


The Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Pittsburgh, is an integral member of the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, a Comprehensive Cancer Centre as designated by the National Cancer Institute.

Specialization in breast and gynecologic oncology.

Programme Director High Dose Rate Brachytherapy: University of Pittsburgh.

Certified in HDR brachytherapy and Nuclear Medicine (radiopharmaceutical therapy).

Consultant Radiation Oncologist


May 2002 – present    St Luke’s radiation Oncology Network

Consultant Radiaiton Oncologist |Hermitage Clinic.



1998  -2000                 Program Director High Dose Rate Brachytherapy, University of Pittsburgh.

2004 – 2010                             Appointed Chief Examiner Final Fellowship Radiation Oncology, Faculty of Radiology, RCSI

2002-presnt                             Lecturer RCSI

2010    Vice Dean Faculty of Radiologists, RCSI.

2011-present                           Clinical Lead and chair of senior management group SLRON @ Beaumont Hospital

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