Prof. Arne Björnberg

Prof. Arne Björnberg


Health Consumer Powerhouse, Ltd.


Prof Arne Björnberg, Ph.D., Chairman, Health Consumer Powerhouse. Prof. Björnberg has previous experience from Research Director and management consulting positions in Swedish industry. He has also served as CEO of the Swedish National Pharmacy Corporation (”Apoteket AB”), Director of Healthcare & Network Solutions for IBM Europe Middle East & Africa, and CEO of the University Hospital of Northern Sweden (“Norrlands Universitetssjukhus”, Umeå).Since 2005, Prof. Björnberg has been the leader of the production of the HCP international indices, such as the EHCI 2005 – 2015 projects and numerous other, disease-related indices and projects.

Speaking in Plenary Summit Day 1

Venue Main Exhibition Hall * Liffey B

Time 08:30

Speaking in Investing in Healthcare  Summit

Venue  Liffey Hall 2

Day 1

Time 14:00

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