Enda Campbell

Enda Campbell

Workplace Health Promotion Officer at Irish Heart Foundation


Enda co-ordinates the workplace health promotion programmes within the Irish Heart Foundation. He holds a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Limerick, an MA in Health Promotion from NUI Galway and applies his learning from both fields to workplaces across Ireland. His career to date has led him to work with a full spectrum of clients from elite athletes to corporate clients in both public and private sector. Enda also worked on the development of Ireland’s first postgraduate course in Workplace Wellness that launched in 2017. As a committee member of the Association of Health Promotion of Ireland and the National Men’s Health Forum, Enda advocates for health within multiple domains. With Irish Heart Foundation’s Well@Work programme, he helps workplaces plan, implement and evaluate their own bespoke wellness programmes basing it on the fundamentals of health promotion and best evidence.

Speaking in Wellness Summit

Venue Liffey Meeting Room 2

Day 1

Time 12:15 The Heart of the Matter: Engaging Employees in Wellness Activities

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