Oncology Summit

Meet Thought Leaders in Cancer at the Oncology Summit
As our understanding of Onocology has advanced, Oncology has made unprecedented progress in improving the outcomes for cancer patients. Summit has been designed to support a coordinated effort by industry and clincal players together to discuss . This summit will include topics ranging from early discovery through clinical development as well as emerging areas in oncology. Overall, this event will provide a focused look at how researchers are applying new science and technology in the development of the next generation of effective and safe care of patients

Building on successful events which previously addressed an sought to overcome some of the barriers impeding patients getting access to better trials.

This is a multi-disciplinary meeting which aims to bring together Irish oncology professionals to share their expertise in the latest trends and treatments in cancer care with a view to involving their patients in clinical trials. Previous sessions have had an audience comprising of consultants and trainees in medical and radiation oncology as well as health care professionals from the surgical, pharmacy, science and nursing communities.

The recent breakthroughs in clinical research understanding the molecular biology of cancer have led to an unprecedented number of new targets in oncology drug development. There are more cancer drugs in the research pipeline than any other type of therapy, corresponding directly with the number of oncology clinical trials. This session will outline some of these future treatments.

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