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– David Neville

812, 2020

Making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine the individual risk for Covid-19 in Vienna

Jama Nateqi, Founder & CEO of In Austria the current situation is serious: due to the steadily increasing numbers of people testing positive for Coronavirus, Austria went into another “hard” lockdown for three weeks straight, starting at the end of November 2020. All stores and service companies [...]

1310, 2020

Overcoming Our Mental Traps – Transforming Limitations into Resources

Padraic Gibson - Clinical Director, The OCD Clinic & The Bateson Clinic In South America there is an ant population known as the ‘army ant’. This is one of the few ants that have no natural nest. Wandering aimlessly around the southern parts of the continent, this creature [...]

1709, 2020

The Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on The Nursing Home Sector and hope for the future

Amanda Torrens - CEO Brindley Healthcare As I celebrated the arrival of 2020 on New Year’s Eve with friends and family, I was looking forward to what I hoped was going to be a very rewarding year for all at Brindley Healthcare, however the storm clouds of Covid-19 [...]

1609, 2020

Future Health Summit update following the announcement of the Irish Government “Plan for Living with Covid-19” for 2020/21

David Neville - CEO Future Health Summit & Investnet At Investnet we welcome the new Government “Recovery and Resilience Roadmap” published yesterday September 15th.  This means we can REOPEN our business, which has been devastated since March, and start planning our calendar for rest of 2020 [...]

1109, 2020

Patient Advocacy in Ireland – Responding to the Covid-19 Crisis

Andrew Kennedy - Communications Officer, Patient Advocacy Service (PAS) The Patient Advocacy Service (PAS) was launched in November 2019 by then Minister for Health Simon Harris, just a few months before the Covid -19 pandemic began. The independent, free and confidential service, commissioned by the National Patient Safety [...]

2708, 2020

Measuring Patient Level Costs and Profitability

Gary Cokins, Founder and CEO: Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC About Gary Cokins (Cornell University BS industrial engineering/operations research, 1971; Northwestern University Kellogg MBA 1974) is the founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC at in Cary, North Carolina USA. His career included being a management consultant with Deloitte, [...]

2306, 2020

Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) – A national initiative to facilitate solutions for problems in healthcare generated by the Covid-19 Pandemic

Caroline McGarry,  PR & Communications, Health Innovation Hub Ireland

206, 2020

The Elusion of Efficiency (during Covid-19)

Prof. Michael Mainelli - Executive Chairman of the Z/Yen Group Professor Michael Mainelli FCCA FCSI (Hon) FBCS, Executive Chairman, Z/Yen Group, is a qualified accountant, securities professional, computer specialist, and management consultant, educated at Harvard University and Trinity College Dublin. Michael gained his PhD at the London School of Economics where [...]

1905, 2020

Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Hazel Chappell, Founder/President/Digitial Transformation Healthcare Consultant/Health2047 Associate/Business Advisor – DellMed CoLab I’m now a #cybersister! Not just a woman in cybersecurity or a cyberwoman but part of a cybersecurity family of females whose passion is in healthcare. I have a specific appetite in healthcare for deep [...]

1004, 2020

The resilience of teams

Peter Carter OBE, Chairman St. Andrews Charity, Northampton, England Frequently when discussing resilience, the emphasis is on individual resilience, however a key characteristic of working in the health service is teamwork. In these taxing times it’s worth reflecting on how teams, that are under huge pressure, work and [...]

704, 2020

How many of the changes in NHS practice will continue after this crisis is over?

Paul Corrigan MBE, Management Consultant & Executive Coach I want to discuss whether a number of very important changes, currently taking place with the delivery of NHS services, will continue after the crisis is over. Or will we return to the way things were before? Where does NHS [...]

2703, 2020

Twenty tips for guarding against depression and anxiety in the era of self-isolation

Alastair Campbell, Writer, Communicator, Strategist, Speaker and TV Analyst Good morning fellow isolators … after this week’s announcement, it looks like we really are in it all together now. I’ve pretty much been in self-isolation since Sport Relief eleven days ago, not because of symptoms but because by [...]

2503, 2020

In times of national crisis, governments always mobilise the little ships of the enterprise economy

Professor Tim Evans, Professor of Business and Political Economy, Middlesex University London The UK government is world-class when it comes to contingency planning and emergencies. Ministers, civil servants and all manner of official experts regularly rehearse and practice for a wide range of disasters and incidents. Across the [...]

2002, 2020

Does Ireland punch above its weight in the Health and Life Sciences Sector?

Aisling Gannon, Partner, Head of Healthcare, Eversheds Sutherland Tony McGovern, Partner, Head of Life Sciences, Eversheds Sutherland Ireland consistently ranks amongst the best countries in the world to invest in and do business.  This is particularly true of the health and life sciences sector.  Globally, the health [...]

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